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Family Brain Happy Hour

I started teaching in the middle of the war zone that was south central Los Angeles in the late 80's. I was also the assistant director of a Beverly Hills tutoring agency. One thing was the same in both groups of kids. It doesn't matter if the parents are in Europe or in jail, if the parents aren't actively participating in the children's lives then the children have problems. 

This is as true today as it was then. I offer no solutions to the persistent problems of overwork and violence but what about the parents who want to spend time with their children. What can an extended family of three generations do together that all ages will enjoy? Purplearn has the answer.

Now we are offering Family Brain Happy Hours. We took our popular and exciting 1 hour format and are setting aside times for families only. You and your loved ones will compete as a team against other families in fun and interesting challenges. This is a fast paced hour of nourishment for your brain and the shared experience will bring you closer together.

This summer we will be scheduling classes M - S 8 am to 8 pm so you will find us easy and convenient. First come first scheduled so call 908-216-8071 and get your time today.